Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Final Message

It has been eight months since I've written, but it has been for a good reason. I have been in good health and enjoying my old age. Yes, I turned 17 on 14th April and was surprised with a birthday cake of people tuna with crunchy treats for sprinkles! It was quite a party, enjoyed by all.

I did have a re-occurrence of the cancer in November and underwent another surgery to remove the tumor on my abdomen. But, the vet told my beloved maid that another surgery would not be wise, as this cancer was quite virulent and would continue to spread and form tumors.

And it did. My tummy became a mass of tumors over the ensuing months, but really they weren't painful at all and didn't bother me much. I've been blessed to have enjoyed dozens of warm fires over this past winter and many, many cuddles with my feline and human friends. My napping hobby continues unabated, and at my ripe old age I have become quite expert at it! 

But here, I come to the reason that I write today. I am near the end now, having gotten weaker over the last few weeks. I am not walking well anymore and really don't feel myself. I have had a long and happy life, have loved and been loved in return. I am ready to go. I expect I will be reunited with my brother Luke and my son Timmy, who I adored, when I get to the other side of the rainbow. There I will wait for my people to one day join me for more cuddles and warm fires and love.

I leave this blog to the next senior member of our household, Malcolm, who himself is nearly 12 years old and will be left in charge of things and our human friends. You'll like Malcolm, he's what my maid calls "a big teddy bear", and his manner is easy going and friendly. It has been a pleasure to follow the adventures of my feline friends online and to share my little life with you all. I wish each one of you even half the love I have shared with my people.... with that you will be well blessed.



Memories of Eric and Flynn said...

Leia, I am so sorry to hear this. I hope that when you decide you must go that your passing is a peaceful one. You will meet many of your friends at the Bridge and I am sure Eric will be there to greet you too. I send my purrs to you and your family.

Angel, Kirby and Max said...

Leia, you have fought a long and hard battle very bravely. It is OK to head on over the bridge where friends and family await you. We feel Malcolm will be here to comfort your humans.

God Speed, sweet Leia

MaggieCr said...

I know you are enjoying being with your friends and family. So sorry to see you go.