Thursday, October 27, 2011

A Visit From Someone Special

We had a visit from my housemaid's daughter! She was always my very favorite person, since I was a kitten, but we haven't seen much of her since she went to college. Now she lives in California, and we see her even less! So, whenever she is around, I stick to her like a piece of velcro. It was a treat to see her, and as you can tell, we had a lovely nap! She says she will be back for Christmas, which will make my holiday season extra nice. Did I say holiday season??? Yes, it's right around the corner! Better start thinking about it, I guess. Nah, it's a dark and rainy day today, I think it will be a day of ......... yup! - napping!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Warm Days

Malcolm & Nigel

Another unseasonably warm day, where Malcolm and Nigel were able to sit on the bed and watch out the open window (their favorite hobby). Soon the windows will need to be closed and the heat turned on, as autumn creeps ever closer to winter. 

Update on the Winston saga! He has been joining the rest of us for dinner time in the kitchen, and has been seen wandering about the house. He even spent an hour or so relaxing on top of the TV cabinet this afternoon! The house maid is doing a pretty good job of keeping Charles from chasing him, and I think Charles is finally tiring of doing it anyway. It seems as if Winston will soon be among us for good, which will make the maid so very happy, as that will mean she can remove the litter box and food/water from the back bedroom!

I have asked the house maid to pick up some wood for a fire, because the weather will surely be turning soon, and I like my fire on a chilly evening. That is all my news for this evening. Till next time...


Monday, October 03, 2011

Hope for Winston!

Brave Winston!
Well, it looks like there is some hope for Winston to re-join the rest of us in the main part of the house. My house maid is thrilled that he actually came out of the back bedroom several times last night, and ventured into the hallway and living room for short periods. Her problem now is to try and keep Charles (the naughty fellow!) from chasing him and scaring him off coming out. Fingers crossed that Winston's courage will prevail! 


Sunday, October 02, 2011

Poor Timid Winston!

Timid Winston

 My house maid is quite frustrated today. This issue with Winston has gone on for too long! At first, Charles and Winston got along fine. But when Charles' hormones kicked in, before my maid had a chance to get him to the vet for his little "procedure", he became aggressive... but only towards Winston! Winston is a shy fellow anyway, and he was scared witless when Charles would chase him, growling and hissing! So, to have some level of peace in the house, Winston was housed in the back bedroom, complete with food dish, water and litter box, and the door was kept closed. This went on for a month or two before my maid was able to get the situation rectified. And after that, Charles was no longer aggressive in an angry way, but he still liked to chase Winston... I think he just likes to see him run! So, poor traumatized Winston is still afraid of him, and is still living in the back bedroom, which frustrates my maid, as she would like for Winston to be able to join the rest of us again. She has been working on getting Charles to stop chasing him in a variety of ways, with moderate success. Time will tell if the two of them will every be on friendly terms again! 


Thursday, September 29, 2011


I wonder how many of my friends have seen this amazing photo of a most extraordinary cat who lives in my state! He has two faces! At first when I saw it, I felt sorry for the poor thing, but after I read the article, it turns out he is a healthy and happy fellow! A true feline hero. Check it out for yourself! 

 Here's the link to the article!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A Minor Tragedy

Ahh, the joy of a looong nap!

 Well, it was an overcast day today, a little on the chilly side. And this is basically what I do on such days. I find the gray days to be totally uninspiring! Today I decided that the housemaid's blanket (which she mistakenly left on the couch) would be the perfect place for my extended cat nap. For once, none of the boys bothered me, and I must say I feel quite rested and refreshed now! The maid has been working on the computer all day, so I'm lucky to have found the time to check in with all my feline friends. Something strange did occur today, though, to interrupt the lazy pace. As I was napping, I was suddenly awakened by the sharp sound of what sounded like a large pebble or rock smacking against the storm window out on the side porch. My maid heard it too, and the two of us went to investigate. The window was not broken, thank goodness, but young Charles was sitting on the windowsill, staring intently out onto the ground below the window. The maid and I couldn't see what he was looking at, and she thought it might be the neighborhood tom cat who sometimes likes to tease Charles by jumping up at the window to startle him. So, she went outside to shoo the tom away, and I returned to my blanket. 

 When she came in, she reported that it wasn't the tom cat after all! There was a bird lying on its back on the ground beneath the window, nearly dead, but still barely breathing! The foolish thing must have flown full-force right into the window and smashed its beak hard enough to knock him out! Well, I guess he did more than knock himself out, for he was dead within a few minutes, and the maid was obliged to don some rubber gloves and remove him from the driveway. I didn't shed many tears myself, I'm not fond of birds, but I suppose it was a shame to have to go in that way. And that was the only event worth reporting for the day! I think I'll go see if there are any remnants of the tuna we had for lunch in the dish...... unless that rascal Charles has eaten it all by now. Thank-you all for stopping by my humble blog, and have a good evening! (or morning, or afternoon)

*and stop by our feline family's website if you have a moment!

Lazily Yours,


[Music on this site: "Somthing's Gotta Give" Beegie Adair]

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Good News and Bad News

Me, helping one of the maids do her homework

Well, I've got some good news and some bad news. My housemaid has been downsized at her other job, so apparently she's going to be working from home and trying to make ends meet writing God knows what on the computer. Which is the bad news. Not so much her job, I personally think she needs to spend more time working her full-time job here - this house gets out of control at times, and it's most annoying! Not to mention she'll be hogging the computer when I need to blog. Which brings me to the good news.... at least she will be here and about, when inspiration strikes me, and I'm fairly sure I can convince her to take a break from her work and take my dictation. Time will tell on that one.

Things are slowing down here at the House of Seven Cats (now down to five, but we like the name). Fall will make its appearance soon, and I for one am looking forward to long naps by a crackling fire again. The "issue" between Charles and Winston continues....... what, I didn't blog about the "issue"?? *SIGH* Well, it's a long story, so I'll save it for the next entry to go into the details. Trust me when I say that it has been quite a trial, and has at times made this house almost unlivable! Apart from those two, Nigel and Malcolm are doing well, I suppose. It is always a challenge for me to get by in a household with four male felines, and I the only lady! But, as you know, I never complain. I'm far too sophisticated to stoop to such a base level as to complain.

I do look forward to catching up with all the news of  my fellow feline bloggers over the next days and weeks. Best wishes to you all, wherever you are, and thank-you for stopping by to read my meanderings....

Sincerely Yours


From my housemaid: Awesome article about understanding cat speak! With video examples! Too cool!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Announcing My Return! (again)

Well, it has been quite some time since I have posted on my blog. I'm going to make a sincere effort to post, at least once a week, from now on. I realize there are so many out there who could benefit from my words of wisdom! I shall add a photo to this entry as soon as my maid gets the battery charger for her camera in the mail, the silly woman lost it somewhere!

By way of a quick update, we have added a new housemate to our foursome (myself plus Malcolm, Nigel and Winston). He came to us last spring as a kitten, and a most annoying one, I might add. His name is Charles Templeton, and I will admit that he has become a rather nice little chap, now that he's grown some and settled down. In fact, he reminds me of my Timmy, whom I still love and miss. Not in temperament, as Timmy was retiring and shy, and this fellow is a bold, sassy one! But, rather, in his affection for me and his kitten-like innocence - two traits of Timmy's that I so adored.

As for myself and the others, we are faring fine and have been enjoying good health and plenty of fireside naps this long winter. We are looking forward to spring, when the servants shall be directed to open the windows and place our pads on the sills so that we can all enjoy the fresh air and watch those maddening birds and squirrels who so love to taunt us!

More soon, and in the meanwhile I wish all of you and yours a wonderful week!