Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A Minor Tragedy

Ahh, the joy of a looong nap!

 Well, it was an overcast day today, a little on the chilly side. And this is basically what I do on such days. I find the gray days to be totally uninspiring! Today I decided that the housemaid's blanket (which she mistakenly left on the couch) would be the perfect place for my extended cat nap. For once, none of the boys bothered me, and I must say I feel quite rested and refreshed now! The maid has been working on the computer all day, so I'm lucky to have found the time to check in with all my feline friends. Something strange did occur today, though, to interrupt the lazy pace. As I was napping, I was suddenly awakened by the sharp sound of what sounded like a large pebble or rock smacking against the storm window out on the side porch. My maid heard it too, and the two of us went to investigate. The window was not broken, thank goodness, but young Charles was sitting on the windowsill, staring intently out onto the ground below the window. The maid and I couldn't see what he was looking at, and she thought it might be the neighborhood tom cat who sometimes likes to tease Charles by jumping up at the window to startle him. So, she went outside to shoo the tom away, and I returned to my blanket. 

 When she came in, she reported that it wasn't the tom cat after all! There was a bird lying on its back on the ground beneath the window, nearly dead, but still barely breathing! The foolish thing must have flown full-force right into the window and smashed its beak hard enough to knock him out! Well, I guess he did more than knock himself out, for he was dead within a few minutes, and the maid was obliged to don some rubber gloves and remove him from the driveway. I didn't shed many tears myself, I'm not fond of birds, but I suppose it was a shame to have to go in that way. And that was the only event worth reporting for the day! I think I'll go see if there are any remnants of the tuna we had for lunch in the dish...... unless that rascal Charles has eaten it all by now. Thank-you all for stopping by my humble blog, and have a good evening! (or morning, or afternoon)

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Lazily Yours,


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Angel, Kirby and Max said...

We are sure that was a loud noise and scarey! Hope you were able to go back to your nap!

Anonymous said...

Those loud noises can be awfully distracting when you're trying to nap.

We hope your plans to blog more often will be successful. The help can be poorly motivated at times.

Alasandra, The Cats and Dogs said...

Sorry about the bird, we rather like them here.