Thursday, February 02, 2017

Dereliction of Duty!

Malcolm and little Ruby

Well, it's been a couple of years since I wrote to take over the job of online communications from our dear departed Leia. I should be ashamed of myself! Leia must be chiding me from beyond the rainbow bridge, for sure!

Anyway, better late than never, and I shall try to post with some regularity from now on, as I hope to be reading entries from the cat blogosphere once again on a regular basis! I do remember, when I first attempted to take over for Leia, how I enjoyed reading the comings and goings of so many other feline friends and their humans.

As you can see by the photo above, we have a new addition to our feline family! Our Mum (whom Leia called our maid, but the rest of us have a more familiar relationship with her) was missing having another female in the house, what with all four of us (myself, Nigel, Winston and Charles) being of the male persuasion! She said she need more "female energy" about the house, so her daughter appeared at the door one day last May with an 8 week old female kitten. 

Her name is Ruby and she is a long-haired gray and white kitty with a very pretty little face and a mischievous nature. I became quite fond of her right away. She is almost 11 months old now, but still quite petite and very kitten-like. Mum adores her, and seems more content, now that she is not the only lady in the household!

By the way, if you have me bookmarked as Malcolm's Musings, you'll notice the title of the blog has changed, as has the url, so please re-bookmark! I thought that re-naming it Kitty Mewsings would cover me and anyone else in the house who may or may not contribute or take over the blog, at some point.

Leaving you tonight with a few more photos of our little Miss Ruby and please leave a comment to let us know you have stopped by!