Thursday, August 22, 2013

Satisfying Summer

Malcolm and Nigel
Hello friends, and I do hope that you're all enjoying the summer as much as I am. The days here on Cape Cod have been, for the most part, pleasantly warm and sunny, if not a tad on the hot side. I have spent a glorious summer catching up on my napping, which has been a blessing, after my health scare of last spring! The best news is that all signs of both infection and cancer are gone and I am feeling fit as a fine feline should! I'm told that I don't look anywhere near my 16 years, and certainly I have felt the return of my youth this summer. 

The photo is of my housemates Malcolm (tabby) and Nigel, who are best of  friends and tend to pal about all day together. Here they are sitting on the stool, covered with a soft blanket, that the maid puts by the screen door when she is at home during the summer months. We all love to take turns sitting in this prized spot to watch the world go by on a leisurely summer afternoon. The maid snapped this candid shot from the front steps!

I have a few words of wisdom to impart to my readers before I close out this summer update. I have learned, through the trial of having a very bad bladder infection and a cancerous tumor on my abdomen, that VETS (yes, I said the word out loud!) really are what our human friends are always trying to tell us.... while they may be annoying, difficult, and a bit scary, they really are trying to help us, and when our human friends take us there it is out of love for us that they do so. Try to remember this the next time you are coerced into visiting yours. It won't make the visit any more pleasant (they DO insist on poking so, don't they?), but rest assured that you are loved and well cared for. 

I shall end here for now with end-of-summer greetings to all my feline and human friends out there in the catosphere, and best wishes for an enjoyable transition soon to fall.