Monday, June 18, 2012

Waiting for Summer

Winston at the Door
The weather has been nice lately, though not as warm as my maid would have it. She has taken to putting the cat scratch stools by the screen door and covering them with a blanket so that we can sit there and gaze out the door. Here is a picture of Winston, enjoying the view. I don't sit there much, but Charles seems to love to watch the birds from this new favorite spot! He insists that one day he is going to catch one, but I don't pay him any attention! He and Winston do enjoy the open door, though. They can have it! 

My favorite person was here last week for a visit - my maid's eldest daughter who lives in some far-away place called California. It was wonderful to see her again, and I was like a piece of velcro, stuck to her all week! I have adored her since I was a kitten.

It is the consensus of the household that I am fairly deaf now, but I don't really mind. All part of being a senior, I suppose. Less chatter to bother about, anyway! Much quieter for successful napping!

Hoping all is well with all of you, out in the cat blogosphere. Enjoy the coming of summer!