Monday, October 26, 2009


Now tell me what is wrong with this picture. Wrong? Nothing is wrong with it! The top of the DVR is a lovely warm place to sit, with a perfect view of the living room, where I can keep my eye out on house mates and servants while I doze. Makes sense, doesn't it? My head maid insists that my hair will filter down through those nice warm holes in the surface and clog up the works inside, shorting out the DVR. She is afraid of bringing it back to the cable company and having them open it up and find it full of my hair! Nonsense!!! I'm sure it will be fine. She needn't shoo me off like she is always trying to do. (I have figured out that the third time in a day that she finds me there is when she gives up) Sometimes it is truly appalling how serving staff treats those of us who actually own the house, don't you agree?

Friday, October 23, 2009

Where's Malcolm?

The three of us decided to take a nice nap this afternoon, but Malcolm didn't join us. I think he was out on the side porch, watching the squirrels scurrying around outside. Since Mia has left us, those fellows have been getting bolder and bolder. I think it annoys Malcolm, as it does me, that they seem to mock us from the front yard as they busily collect their food for the winter. OOOO - did I say "winter"? It is a word my servants don't like to think about. As for me, I look forward to fires in the fireplace, but that's me. This week it has been unseasonably warm, but I doubt that I have long to wait before the kindling and logs will appear in the wood basket by the hearth!

**check out the NEW House of Seven Cats site, created by my head maid!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Unambitious Saturday

Today my head maid had to work most of the day outside of the house, leaving me alone to manage the boys. It really wasn't much of a task, as this is what they did much of the day. Yes, Nigel, Malcolm and Winston definitely lacked anything resembling ambition today. It was a disgrace, really. I mean, I have nothing against the occasional catnap, but to snooze the entire day away..............

Oh dear!!! I see I have been found out! How mortifying!! And to be seen napping with that rambunctiously irritating Winston!! Ah well, I admit that I miss my son Timmy, and Winston reminds me at times of him as a youngster. 100_6282 - Copy
Well, tomorrow is another day and another opportunity to attempt to inspire some motivation in these boys!!

***p.s. - I have added a link to the *NEW* House of Seven Cats website to my profile page! Though it is listed under "My Web Page", it is maintained by my head maid .... but it is still quite good.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

I Return with Sad News ...

cat641Well, it has been a while since I have posted on my blog. I have been keeping up pretty well with you all out there in the feline blogging world, but my servants have been ultra busy with who knows what - those things that people do, like work outside of the house, and of course, upkeep of my house here, etc...

I do regret to report that there has been a tragedy in our household since my last post. Our housemate Mia has unfortunately passed away. She seemed to be eating less and less, and was (at long last!) losing some weight. But, as she seemed to be otherwise healthy - indeed she continued that horrific practise of hers of catching hideous voles in the back yard - the servants didn't think she was ill.

Then one day she stopped eating entirely. As food had always been the meaning of Mia's life, the servants were alarmed. After coaxing her with fresh tuna and getting no response, it was decided to bring her in to the (whisper it now!) vet.

According to the servants, for naturally I would not be accompanying them on this trip, the vet was a kindly woman who regrettably informed the servants that Mia's liver was in dangerous shape, in fact it was pretty far gone. She could not give them a reason for what had caused it, said it could have initially been just a virus or stomach upset that caused her appetite to decline. At the point she was at, however, the vet said that it would cost at least $1000 to diagnose the problem, and then who knew how much to attempt a cure, which may not have the desired result in the end.

With heavy heart, my head maid quietly made arrangements with the gentle vet to end Mia's life, as the alternative would have been to watch her slowly starve to death at home. The vet left the servants with Mia for about 10 minutes or so to say good-bye to her. They were in tears, bless them, but according to what was related to me, Mia was extraordinarily calm, and purred loudly to their stroking and soft words. Twice she gently laid her paw on the arm of my head maid and looked into her eyes, as if to say "it's all right, I am ready".

My servant's friend who was with them, offered to remain in the room with Mia while the injection was administered, as they were unable to do so. And so, she was held and stroked to the end, and departed this earth peacefully to the shining rainbow, and a green field beyond, no doubt full of voles just waiting to be caught.

My head maid was quite devastated by the whole episode, and cried copiously for days. She had just seemed to regain her composure when a sympathy card arrived in the mail from the vet, which sent her into a torrent of tears once again.

That was all 4 weeks ago now, and things have returned to normal. The three boys and I are all that remain of the House of Seven Cats at this point, though the head maid's daughter is already hinting that she would like to get another kitten. (Lord save me!) I will conclude this rather sad post with an image of Mia in healthier (and fatter!) days.......... my servants would appreciate your thoughts and prayers.Picture 006