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This blog is written by the paw of one who has already lived an eventful life, and hopes to have many more years ahead; hopefully somewhat more tranquil than the first twelve years of my life have been. I live on Cape Cod in the state of Massachusetts, United States of America. As you will find through reading my blog, I am a feline of noble heritage, being of the ancient civilization of Siam (now known as Thailand), and as you shall see, I display a distinctly exotic air, born of the mysteries of the orient.

I share my domicile with four other felines at the moment, though at one point in time we were seven, hence my home is known as The House of Seven Cats, a name which seems to have stuck, even though our numbers have diminished by two. You will come to know these housemates of mine as I relate to you tales of the past as well as recount for you my daily experiences. It must be mentioned that the other four felines occupying this home are more than a little wanting in many ways, but leave that to become apparent as we progress.

In addition to the five of us living in this rather small but cozy house, we employ one full-time and one part-time domestic servant, both of whom cater well to our needs and of whom we are all very fond. Naturally we do run across the occasional disputes and other matters which normally arise with domestics of their species, but that is to be expected and, at least on my own part, are borne with infinite tolerance and patience.

My first project for this blog, now that I have made somewhat of a clumsy introduction, will be to find some photos of the occupants of The House of Seven Cats so that you may have an idea of whom I speak when I am relating my tales of the past and keeping you updated of all the happenings that have yet to occur. As you will see in subsequent posts, there are three males; Malcolm, Nigel and Winston, as well as one female house mate known as Mia. The servants are named Kate and Mari, and occasionally we allow our former servants, now living elsewhere, to visit - they are known as Johanna and Andrew.

My name is Leia.

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DHarmonizer said...

Hi Leia

My name is SkittleDee an I too is of regal lineeuj. My ppl think I am part Egyptian-Mau and part Bengal. I is so close to a regal wild cat that I growl, scratch and bite if the ppl don't let me do as I pls. I has 2 moms an a MealMan. The MealMan is mayreed to one uv my moms an the other wun is thair frend/roomie.

You can find my bloggy at I will add you to my bloggy wen the mom figgers out the password!



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